How to Look Like a Real New Yorker


New York Style

1. Choose comfortable outfits

The women of New York prefer their days to be comfortable in all the ways possible. Sitting in the office in strict suits and with high heels is in the past, today everyone’s style is less formal. The best example for the current trend towards comfort is Patti Smith with her ability to mix undone boyishness and minimalism.


The look can give almost a messy feel which puts your company at ease implying that you are not pushing too hard with your appearance. And don’t be afraid to mix styles: if you feel good wearing a skirt and sneakers – just go for it. That is the essence of NY style: not really caring about what others think, it’s all about your own comfort.

Comfortable Autumn Outfits

2. Black is always relevant

Rumor has it that every New Yorker has lots of black staples in the wardrobe and that’s the case when rumor has it true. When during shopping the New Yorker’s attention is grabbed by a printed or colorful piece of clothes it is easy to predict that the next question to the consultant would be “Do you have it in black?”. With laconic colors it is easier to risk trying out various shapes and designs. Therefore it’s not surprising that white and grey are also very New Yorkish.

Such minimalism gives more confidence and comfort, and we remember that comfort is the main purpose for people of New York when they dress. The black coat is always so exquisite, it is really easy to wear it forever though one day you might want to go for something different – a grey one, for example.

Oversized Outfits

3. Experiment with proportions

The street fashion has its origins on the podiums and New York designers always experiment with interesing figure proportions and provocative shapes. Aren’t the skirts from Calvin Klein’s last collection just fascinating? And the oversized pieces are Alexander Wang’s trademark.


The main rule for a perfect play with proportions is to choose one area of your body only. It is recommended so that your figure does not get lost behind the quirky silhouettes completely. The oversized top of your choice, be it a cocoon coat or a tender knit sweater, should be worn with skinny jeans or a narrow skirt. Save the flared trousers for a plain polo.

4. Dressing in the morning keep in mind your evening plans

The hustle and bustle of the Big Apple never leaves you time to go and change the daytime outfit for a special evening one. So keeping a pair of party shoes in the office to change from your trainers after work and go out is essential for New York. All the locals are pros when it comes to choosing accessories, so remember that a quirky necklace can dress up even a plain T-shirt in a great way.

The other way is to wear a dress with a jacket covering its sexy back for daytime but easily reveal your cool look taking the jacket off after the sunset. And again this brings us to the fact that in NY it’s all about comfort: you don’t have to waste time changing after work, and your co-workers will definitely be ok with your cocktail dress under rthe office jacket. And what if they won’t? Well, if you are a real New Yorker, you won’t care.


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