Top 6 Most Scandalous Music Videos Ever


Banned on television and YouTube, causing multiple protests and parents’ complaints, these video clips are called most scandalous in the history of pop music. Some of them today can only be seen in private collections on the net, or in cut versions, if in places where it has to be legal. Let’s look at them and think – what makes a musical video so extravagant that it causes an international scandal?

1. Marilyn Manson, ‘(s)AINT’ (2003)

Marilyn Manson


Marilyn Manson, king of freaks, surely has to be on top of this rating. When you think of controversial video, marked with “Parental advisory” sign, one of Manson’s works will come to mind first. “(s)AINT” is filled with sexual deviations, self-cutting, BDSM, drugs, et cetera, et cetera. It was banned on Interscope and shown only in edited versions in some countries. Well, later Marylin Manson made numerous tries to outshine himself in making a scandal.

2. Rammstein, ‘Puss’ (2009)


As for German industrial rock band Rammstein, they were always in avant garde of shock, and this music video (you can understand it even from the name) is a true pornography.

Uncut version can be found only on RedTube today because of full naked musicians and models doing, well, you-know-what. The song is about fear and loathing of sex-tourism, so scandal is definitely included. The plot of the video is so pornographic, that even such scandal lovers as the members of Rammstein had to use body doubles for the shooting.

3. The Prodigy, ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ (1997)

The Prodigy

Classic video from the band that created popular rave movement clearly depicts a club night of a perfect badass. Main character of this short musical movie takes various drugs, visits a strip club, watches strippers and bids them, goes to a club toilet to vomit, assaults women, has sex with a hooker and so on.


Ending is a real twist, so this song and video is not only among the most scandalous, but also among the most interesting music clips of all times. Though officially banned from TV in most countries, the video was so popular among the fans that later it was returned to television, with some conditions though: it could be aired only after midnight and preceded by a special warning.

4. Madonna, ‘Like a Prayer’ (1989)


This song has a very powerful lyrics and epic music, but a video must definitely be banned if someone burns a cross in it. Members of different religious movements protested against Christian symbols used, as well as against Madonna’s pretty open gown, in which she appeared at the church.

Actually it was a short movie telling us that racism is bad, but forget it. The interesting fact is that it was not only Madonna who suffered from the protests. Pepsi-Cola, who had signed the contract with Madonna to use ‘Like a Prayer’ for their TV commercial when the video was still being shot, ultimately had to stop their advertising campaign without even demanding back the money thay had already payed to Madonna: seems the society was so aggressive against the video that endangered Pepsi’s reputation was worth losing 5 million dollars.

5. Pearl Jam, ‘Jeremy’ (1992)

Pearl Jam

Not sure that anyone remembers this song and video, but it caused a great scandal at its time. A sad story of a deranged boy who couldn’t stand bullying, parents’ attention lack and boredom, so he came to his class and shot himself in front of the children – well, that’s very close to real life.

It had more straight ending before, but TV producers asked the band to remove a scene where Jeremy puts a gun into his mouth. Today this video is really rare because it can remind of multiple school shootings that happened over the past years.

6. Robin Thicke and Pharrell, ‘Blurred Lines’ (2013)

Robin Thicke and Pharrell

The freshest video of them all will be put at the end of the list, because what can cause a scandal in our time? Almost nothing.

The music video had two main versions: the first one feutured three toplees girls walkig among the singers and teasing them, in the second version the girls were all covered. No wonder the first version was removed from YouTube as violating the terms of use due to the nudity in the video, the other version though was also discussed a lot as the lyrics was really controversial. As a result the song was completely banned from the universitites in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless the song turned out to be really successful and has topped numerous charts around the globe.


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