Christmas Rush: Best Gifts for Beloved


Do you feel like something upcoming? Some annual dejavu which turns all your life upside down? Christmas is in the air, my dear, and regardless the age your anticipating feeling is still fresh new.

Pre-holiday rush is one of the most contagious yet pleasant diseases. The tension doubles in case you need to surprise the one who knows you as you are and waits no tricks. Show them they are wrong.

Christmas Presents


There are some bulletproof means to make him or her remember this Christmas forever. Be sure to scrutinize all traits of your beloved one and leave him (her) no chance to be disappointed by your present.

Here are some of the options

Presents for her

1. Diamonds are girl’s best friends – you can compensate less expensive gems by more creative design. Still the main idea is crystal clear;

2. Perfumes and skincare: you can personalize it by engraving her name on a scent bottle or making a blend of herbs or tea by professionals just for her. More intimate touch: you can order a bag or sunglasses with either her initials or with some message on it. Be sure she likes both;

3. Hobbies and crafts sets have proven to have positive impact on mood;

Presents for Her

4. Discount coupon for shopping in her favourite store. There is a danger to lose her for some time, though;

5. Kindle will let her carry all her library with her;

6. Spa and massage, personal foot and bath massager – pure delight and relax;

7. Food and wine tasting at breweries – chance to show you’re a real connoisseur;

8. Picnic backpack for 2 with blanket;

Christmas Presents

9. Yoga courses, gym membership, whatever you are both interested in;

10. Gallery opening, premiere screening, music festival – any public event where she can take her personalized bag, wear engraved glasses and drink her special tea.

Presents for him

1. Professional Christmas photo session with you. Present it to him to be sure he will not get frozen this winter;

2. Beer-brewing kit and you two will have what to experiment with on long winter evenings;

Presents for Him

3. Roadside emergency kit in case he has a car. Even a toy car. A real man will do anything for a set of real car tools.


4. Victorinox multipurpose tool. Even if the only option he will use is the knife itself.

5. Wood tray valet if you are tired of his ever-lasting searches for his cell-phone, I-Phone and other gadgets. Now you will know where they are. If you are lucky and he will not lose tray valet.

6. Storm trooper cufflinks or storm trooper lamp. No comments, he will just love it and you will be treated as the most sensitive woman in this Universe. No jokes.

Star Wars Presents

7. UP 24 by Jawbone – a watch guard of his health, synchronizing with his cell phone, and counting his steps and calories consumed. As an option it tracks the diet too.

8. The Mophie space pack is for those with iPhone5 or iPhone 5S. It is a device 3 in 1: 32 GB of storage space, a charger and a protective case.

9. Logitech Harmony Smart Control. Your Android or iPhone will make you control your home theater devices with the help of special app which will turn your cell phone into a universal remote control.

10. HDMI Pocket Projector Mobile which is connected to smartphones, computers to big-screen any digital media. It’s great both for business presentations and outdoor movies however noisy around may be.

For both of you

The book “101 things to do when you’re old and boring”. And after you read it:

Certificates for any kind of experience gifts, starting with culinary courses and ending with tandem skydiving. And when you try everything together, you have two more options left:

“Activity book for couples” with silly and funny games for just the two of you. And “Coupon-book” where you write together whatever you want your partner to do. This is where all your creativity is at the stake and imagination is your only limit.

Presents for Couples
And let it be a Merry Little Christmas!


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