How to Travel Cheaper

Everyone likes to travel. Those who say they don’t either never even try or simply cannot afford it and prefer to spend money on more essential things like food, clothing or education. Yet travelling is one of the best ways of spending time as it is not only the kind of entertainment, but also the easiest way to gain new experience, new knowledge and sometimes even learn a new language without any extra effort.
Here are some tips on how to spend less money and travel more. If you don’t earn thousands of dollars but have enough desire and enthusiasm, sticking to these simple pieces of advice will make your life much easier.




This is not just the cheapest way of travelling – it is absolutely free. All you have to do is stand at the edge of the road and lift your hand with the thumb up. Of course it can take a while to get a ride but once you finally do your unforgettable (and extremely cheap) journey begins. One of the best things about hitchhiking is that you find a lot of new friends as drivers who pick up hitchhikers are usually very friendly and open-minded.

Fly smart

Fly smart

Hithhiking may not help you get somewhere without spending money if you decide to travel internationally. Still booking a flight to another country doesn’t necessarily mean spending hundreds of dollars you would rather keep for something else.

There is a plenty of budget airlines which offer any destinations for the best prices, just follow the sales on their websites or book in advance and you will hardly even notice any change in your wallet. Just make sure you are travelling light as additional luggage fee may apply.


Couch Surfing

Once you’ve got to your destination you will need a place where you could at least spend a night. You may be surprised by how many people from all around the world are ready to give you a shelter. All you have to do is register on the website and prove that you are a good person one wouldn’t be afraid to let into his house.


And the most amazing thing about it is that you don’t have to pay anything – the most you can do is to invite other couchsurfers to your home when they decide to visit the place where you live. Just make sure that you set up a good profile providing all the information that will make your future host pick you among hundreds of other applicants: the more complete your profile is – the more chances that people who have never seen you will find it possible to trust you enough to let you into thewir home.

Live in a hostel


If for some reason couchsurfing is not an option for you, there is another way to pay minimum money for the roof over your head. All the major cities of the world have a great alternative to the expensive hotels – hostels, where you pay just for a couch.

Hostel is a perfect option for those who don’t want to pay extra for just spending the night and are ready to share the room with people they may be seeing for the first time. There are plenty of websites where you can find cheap hostels and most major online services currently provide an option of browsing both hotels and hostels. And one of the most interesting things about living in a hostel is not that it is cheap, but the fact that you actually get to stay in one room with people you see for the first time. For someone it may seem a little scary, but in most cases your random neighbours turn out to be absolutely amazing and open-minded, so if meeting new people from different cultures is an important aspect of travelling for you, don’t hesitate to book a hostel for your next vacation.


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