Top 5 Destinations for the Upcoming Winter


Nagano ski resort, Japan

Nagano ski resort Japan

For lots of people around the world winter vacation mostly means skiing. The interesting place to go for it might be the hometown of Winter Olympics 1998, Nagano. The ski resorts are still on the perfect level there and even professionals can’t find any flaws. But what makes this place even better is the traditional Japanee hot springs.


What could be more perfect after the exciting skiing time? For those who like to mix active rest with cultural enrichment there are beautiful Buddhist temples. The Zenko-ji, built over 1000 years ago, one is considered the third biggest wooden temple in Japan! The Togakushi Minzoku-kan folklore museum with its wonderful ninjas exhibition is also impossible to miss.

Nurnberg Christmas market, Germany

Nuremberg Christmas Market Germany

You won’t be able to feel the real touch of old Europe without visiting some of the traditional Christmas markets, and the Nurnberg Market is definitely one of the best! Hundreds of stalls sell the cutest stuff ever: from gingerbread angels to freshly made gluhwein. Fuunny sellers really know their business: they can talk anyone into buying their stuff so don’t get surprised if you leave the market with a full bag, full stomach and an empty wallet.

As far as it is a traditional German market trying a sausage is a must, and the Nurnberg’s waffles are among the most popular local specialties. The toppings differ from stall to stall and the choice can be really hard when cherry jam, chocolate-almond and whipped cream are on offer.

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania Romania

Isn’t it weird to pay a visit to Dracula, the king of darkness, during hot summer days?

Therefore never hesitate to pick his precious Transylvania as a destination for the winter trip. The nature will speak for itself and there is definitely a special beauty in steal-grey sky hanging above the bare trees slightly touched with snow coverings. The Medieval feeling will definitely get to anyone in Brasov and Sighisoara, two small towns separated by a two-hour train ride.


It will be an interesting quest to look for things associated with Vlad Zepesh, better known as Dracula, and compare the reality with Bram Stoker’s books. By the way, the famous author has never been to the country of origin of his hero so the comparison might be fun.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi Finland

Yes, no one believes in Santa Claus after certain age. But who would deny they’d love him to be real? This town in Laplandia gives everyone an opportunity to see the famous old man in a red suit. Enjiy the festive spirit which is literally in the air and do not forget to send a Christmas card from Santa’s post!

Venice, Italy

Venice Italy

Since in summer Venice is flooded by tourists and the heat is unbearable take a twist and visit it in winter. The scenery is still beautiful, the architecture doesn’t stop to amaze, the only difference is that there will be no one to push you around the squares. And remember that spaghetti with frutti di mare is a must-try!


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