The Weirdest Wedding Traditions From Around the Globe


Celebrating weddings is one of the most universal traditions around the globe: practically every culture, be that a nation or a small community, has its own, sometimes absolutely unique, way of celebrating this stage of a human’s life. Wedding traditions differ from culture to culture, yet there is one common feature that makes them all a little alike: no matter what religion they practice, people all get incredibly superstitious when it comes to a wedding. Here is the list of the weirdest wedding customs from around the world that, people believe, bring happiness for a married couple. And do not even think of hearing about something old-something new-something borrowed-something blue or throwing a bouquet, this is way too banal, we have something more exciting for you.

1. Délicieux Toilette La Soupe: France

Délicieux Toilette La Soupe


Be ready to hear one of the grossest things you could think of. On the wedding day, after all the ceremonies and celebrations are over, the guests collect all the drinks and food leftovers from the wedding table add put them into the toilet bowl in the couple’s room. The guests will not leave unless the newly wedded drink the cocktail straight from the bowl. This is believed to give the couple fuel to have a powerful night of love after a tiring day. Today the leftovers are often substituted with chocolate and champagne, yet the toilet bowl stays in any case. Well, the French have always been hard to understand, but what makes them believe that after drinking this disgusting stuff from a toilet bowl the groom will even think about kissing the bride?

2. Shooting The Bride: China

 Shooting The Bride

In Yugur culture, in China, the groom shoots his bride with three bows and arrows. Sounds crazy, but stop panicking: the arrows do not have arrowheads, so the bride at least stays alive. After that the groom takes the arrows and breaks them all, showing that he will love his new wife forever. Well, that is weird, if he loves her, why would he shoot her in the first place?

3. Blackening of the bride: Scotland

blackening of the bride

This ritual is carried out on the noon of the wedding day: the bride’s closest friends and relatives collect the most disgusting things they can find, traditionally it is spoiled milk, food leftovers, dead fish, mud and some feathers on the top of that, and throw it all on the bride. She is then tied to a tree, and only after that her friends take her to a nearest bar for a night of severe drinking: and still no shower for the bride! Sounds incredible, but there is a relatively logical explanation for such a crazy tradition: the Scottish people believe that if a bride can stay all the grossness and humiliation of the pre-wedding day, the life with a husband will not be a problem for her. Seems they are not too optimistic about the marriage!

4. Butching brides: China

Butching Brides

Another crazy wedding tradition from China: the bride’s head will be shaved on the wedding day. This is believed to show that the groom loves his bride not for her beauty but for her personality. Just imagine yourself preparing for the wedding, getting your nails, make-up and hair done, and in the middle of celebration all this beauty is destroyed just to prove that the groom loves you for who you are and not for how you look like.


5. Spitting on the bride: Kenya


In Massai culture in Kenya the bride will also go through a lot even before her married life begins: at first her new mother-in-law will shave her head and rub it with lamb fat. And this is not the craziest thing about the Kenyan wedding: the father of the bride will then spit on her newly shaved head and breast. One would think this is the way of showing that the father feels hurt by the fact that his little daughter leaves the family, in fact in their culture spitting on someone is the way of blessing. After that the bride leaves the village with her husband and never looks back (well, after such a humiliation with the head shaved and spitted on you will hardly want to look back), otherwise she will turn into a stone.

6. Polterabend: Germany

Polterabend: Germany

On the wedding eve friends and relatives of the bride and the groom come to their homes and … smash all the porcelaain objects and they can find, sometimes they bring dishes as gifts and smash them as well: the more broken dishes – the happier the couple will be. People believe that the sound of smashing dishes scares away evil spirits and brings good luck for the married. After this the bride and the groom clean everything up, as if preparing for a new life full of various obstacles they will have to overcome by working hard and sticking together. But if you take part in this porcelain party, please be cautios: while breaking procelain is believed to bring good luck, breaking glass, even by accident, may destroy the happiness of the future family.

7. Beating the groom’s feet: Korea

Beating The Groom's Feet

This tradition takes place in South Korea. On the wedding day, after the ceremony the groom’s friends take off his shoes, tie his feet tohether and start beating them with a cane or a fish. They usually do that for fun, not to make him hurt. This is believed to give the groom some special power for the upcoming wedding night. Sometimes the beating is accompanied by a quiz, to make sure that the man the bride is marrying is not just strong but wise as well.

8. Preplanned Crying: China

Preplanned crying china

This tradition is common for the Tujia people in China. One month before the wedding ceremony the bride begins to cry for one hour every day. For those people this is apparently the way of expressing joy and happiness about the upcoming event. One week later her mother joins her, then her grandmother, and by the noon of the wedding day all the women of the family end up sitting and crying together in different tones.

9. Stealing the groom’s shoes: India

stealong groom's shoes

The bride’s family and friends, usually the bridesmaids, steal one of the groom’s shoes once he enters the wedding place. The groom’s family have to protect the shoe as hard as they can, although the bride’s side always wins over. To get back the shoe the groom will have to bribe the maids, they can demand as much as they want and the he will have to satisfy their demands, otherwise he will just not be able to marry the bride.


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