The Most Unusual Restaurants From Around The World


2. Mazoch café, Lviv, Ukraine

unusual restaurants mazoch cafe lviv

This famous restaurant, named after the well-known Lviv writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (you are definitely familiar with the term masochism), is the place where you will hardly want to have a breakfast with your kids. The provocative theme and intimate atmosphere with the dim red lights and women’s corset shaped chairs will be a good choice to have a late dinner in a company of close friends.


S&M dinner

Mazoch café Lviv

The bull’s testicles fried in oil is only one of the things the local menu will impress you with, and the nicely dressed waitresses will handcuff or whip you if you are willing so (just do not be surprised if your friends share the video on the web next day). When you are leaving the place do not forget to deep your hand into Leopold’s pocket, there will be a surprise waiting for you!