Top 5 Viners to follow


1. Eh Bee Family (@EhBeeFamily) – The first family of Vine.

They Create family friendly vines & have over a million followers worldwide & More than a billion views.

Father is an actor (comic), magic and brilliant mother, son and daughter who is the real star of that amazing show.

Talk about everything, laugh from everything. Understand well, miraculously together make merry. And really that’s why scored a success – played and funny.

It's Back To School Time!

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2. Zach King (@zachking) – So unusual.

I'll do anything to get the shot. #BreakGravity

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King made his account on Vine in September 2013, when he saw that many of his friends had an account on the social media website. After creating an account on Vine, he decided to create one Vine each day for the next thirty days. After the success of his first few Vines, he decided to continue with creating and posting new Vines. There are much “magic” and merriment in his vines. In vines everybody can find something for itself, everybody can dream about something.

Watercoloring can be dangerous. 📵

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3. Thomas Sanders (@ThomasSanders) – Because he is funny.

follow him @thomassanders

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Thomas Sanders is a 26 years old theater student from Gainesville,Florida. He has one of the largest Vine follower counts with 6 million as of June 2015. Three of his most popular Vine series, “Narrating People’s Lives”, “Disney Pranks with Friends”, and “Pokémon Pranks”.

4. Trench (@trench) – He is amazing.

Maple just chilling with her shades 😎🐶

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He is a 27 years guy, which can play Acoustic, Electric and Classical Guitar, Piano, Drums, Harmonica, Accordion, Banjo, Ukulele and Harp.
He records his vines live through the app with an iPod Touch.  He usually place his iPod on top of guitar and then he touch nose to the screen to record while playing.  It’s a bit tricky to actually play the guitar while hunched over with your face against the instrument!  He use Delayed Assistive Touch too which allows you to record hands free.

Enter Sandman by @Metallica w/ Maple 😎🐶

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5. Marcus Johns (@marcusjohns) – So crazy.

Ya boy from Fla-duh. Get em son. Comment below if you're from FL👇

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He is a 22 years old guy from West Palm Beach, Florida. One of his most famous vines is titled “My dad is such a loser.” 
He was influenced by his brother Cody to first start posting videos to Vine. Within the first 10 days of using the app, he had accumulated 1,000 followers.

Airplane Mode ✈️ @robbyjayala

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