Top 9 Most Expensive Football Transfers of Summer 2016


9. Alvaro Morata

From: Juventus
To: Real Madrid

Alvaro Morata transfer to  Real Madrid

One of the most interesting transfers of the year, as Morata has already played in Real where he didn’t perform before. He was then given a chance in Juventus but after two years in the team Real Madrid decided that they wanted their forward back and paid €30 mln for him to play in the team.


8. Sadio Mane

From: Southampton
To: Liverpool

Sadio Mane transfer to Liverpool

The club’s management paid close to €42 mln for this transfer. Senegalese player will help his new team together with multiple other new players in it. He has taken a “No. 19” which was considered the least successful in the Premier League history. But it is up to him to change it and become a new leader for his new team. He will also play with another new player Shkodran Mustafi whose transfer cost around the same as Mane’s.

7. Henrich Mchitarjan

From: Borussia Dortmund
To: Manchester United

Henrich Mchitarjan transfer to Manchester United

Armenian midfielder who became famous in Ukraine and later in Germany is going to help Manchester United score as many goals as possible. This transfer was marked at €42 mln and became one of the most expensive this year. Last season he scored 23 goals and made as Manchester United official website named it “impressive” 32 assists. He is also a top scorer for his national team with 19 goals and 59 appearances since his first international debut.

6. Granit Xhaka

From: Borussia Dortmund
To: Arsenal

Granit Xhaka transfer to Arsenal

Another expensive transfer in the UK for which the club management has paid €45 mln and is also one of the TOP transfers for Swedish players. He is also known for being a very emotional player, who can easily get a red card for screaming at the referee or pushing an opponent.

5. Leroy Sane

From: Schalke
To: Manchester City

 Leroy Sane transfer to Manchester City

Another huge transfer for Manchester City for which the club paid €50 mln. The player was considered one of the best playmakers in German Bundesliga and will now help English team. He is also one of the fastest players which is definitely important in modern football especially England.


4. John Stones

From: Everton
To: Manchester City

John Stones transfer to Manchester City

This transfer became the second most expensive in history of football for defenders. One of the most prominent new stars in English football will now play under a new management of Manchester City’s star coach.

3. Hulk

From: Zenit
To: Shanghai SIPG

Hulk transfer to Shanghai SIPG

This transfer has marked a new milestone for Chinese Super League. Chinese team managers paid record €55 million for Hulk to play in their club. This one more time shows that Chinese businessmen are interested in developing their national championship and investing large funds in it.

2. Gonzalo Higuain

From: Napoli
To: Juventus

Gonzalo Higuain transfer to Juventus

Juventus managers paid €90 mln for this transfer. Before it Higuain was considered “a second Maradona” in this Italian town, but after the transfer has become the biggest traitor whom fans definitely don’t want to see back in the club.

1.Paul Pogba

From: Juventus
To: Manchester United

Paul Pogba transfer to Manchester United

Paul’s transfer has become the most expensive on this season making Manchester United pay 105 mln € for it. It has also become the most expensive transfer in football’s history.
Interesting fact: Paul has already played for Manchester United before but haven’t become a key player at that time. Will this time be different? Let’s see.

This transfer season became one of the most profitable for some teams. Many changes have been made in squads, especially in Premier League, where Manchester City, Liverpool and other teams are going to compete for the trophy. It is going to be an exciting season, especially if you are a die-hard fan and your team has a bunch of new players.


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