Top 9 Most Expensive Football Transfers of Summer 2016


7. Henrich Mchitarjan

From: Borussia Dortmund
To: Manchester United

Henrich Mchitarjan transfer to Manchester United

Armenian midfielder who became famous in Ukraine and later in Germany is going to help Manchester United score as many goals as possible. This transfer was marked at €42 mln and became one of the most expensive this year. Last season he scored 23 goals and made as Manchester United official website named it “impressive” 32 assists. He is also a top scorer for his national team with 19 goals and 59 appearances since his first international debut.


6. Granit Xhaka

From: Borussia Dortmund
To: Arsenal

Granit Xhaka transfer to Arsenal

Another expensive transfer in the UK for which the club management has paid €45 mln and is also one of the TOP transfers for Swedish players. He is also known for being a very emotional player, who can easily get a red card for screaming at the referee or pushing an opponent.