9 Weirdest Food Decoration Ideas


3. Iced Coffee

Weird Iced Coffee

So it could actually work as a theme for the restaurant. Bring all the ingredients and make customers do their own dishes. When you order an iced coffee, don’t expect it to come in a cup and just be cold. You should work for your dish/cup of coffee and make it yourself.

4. Spaghetti Bowl

Weird Spaghetti Bowl Decoration

Continuing our newly developed trend is another deconstructed meal. This time, it is a spaghetti bowl, where all the ingredients come separately. You can feel like a chief of the restaurant.

5. Burgers

Weird Skateboard Burgers Decorations

If any of your visitors, or yourself are a skateboard fan this one is for you. Just make sure you clean the board beforehand. As noted, it might be hard to place it in the dishwasher.