Some Surprising Facts About Cats You Probably Never Heard of


Purring can tell you a lot

Though it seems obvious that a normal cat must purr, we never really think why they are doing this. Turns out purring is a very common way to communicate various emotions and even minor requests. First of all, cats purr when they are fully satisfied with what is going on with them: when a cat is in its favorite place, with a person it trusts by its side, not hungry and slowly falling asleep – it will not miss an opportunity to share its content with the world.


There are also cases when cats purr for a totally opposite reason – when they are hungry. Studies have proved that this is a different kind of a sound, though it is also accepted as a purr. A hungry purr is slightly combined with a sound resembling a human baby cry (probably for a human to be ready to respond immediately to their master’s needs). So one should be more attentive not to miss their cat’s lunch time.