9 Types of Men You Should Avoid


All men are different. All women have different tastes: some of them will only date guys with perfect bodies, others love those with a nice belly; while some women need to be guided and ruled by their men, others will rather become the men in their families themselves.
A Thought Catalog reviewer Dacia Ricketts describes types of men women usually resent and hardly ever want to marry.

The Bad Guy

bad guy

Bad guys are generally known to be liked by most women: they are daring, they are provocative and dangerous, these thing are very attractive at the beginning of a relationship. But once a woman starts thinking about something more serious, she start doubting about whether she needs someone with a criminal record in the past or a promising criminal future, someone who can easily hurt another person or even his own woman.


Even if it seems like fun to do something dangerous and exciting with a young attractive boyfriend, no woman will be happy to raise kids on her own while her husband serves another jail term.

The Bodybuilder


Men with nice fit and sexy bodies have always been popular. There is nothing wrong for a man to look after himself and make some effort to look better than others. But when a man’s obsession with his own beauty becomes manic, when he updates his Instagram profile with his new gym photos every 5 minutes, when all he can talk about is his success in building a perfect body and working out takes all his time, his woman just does not feel loved and will hardly want to dedicate her life to this selfish narcissus.

Mama’s Boy

mamas boy

There is absolutely nothing wrong about a man loving his mother. Moreover, some women think that a man who loves and respects his mother will most likely love and respect his wife. And it is true to some extent. Yet if you notice some moments in his behaviour you should be alert: if he calls his mom every time you get into an argument, if his mother still pays his bills, if a man wants his girlfriend/wife to ask for his mother’s advice in every single question and if he runs to his mommy every time she calls him. These are all signs that your man’s mother is the main woman in his life and you will hardly be ever able to replace her.

The Loser


Most women will not be happy to try building their lives with men they won’t be able to count on when they need help, who do not care enough to get some job, who live with their parents and at their expense, who play video games all the time and do not think about their future. It does not necessarily mean all women need ‘sponsors’, but a real man should be able to provide for his family, otherwise he should not even think about starting one.


The Baby

crying man

When a man cannot make any adult decision on his own, when he gets offended every time it takes you more than 5 minutes to reply to his message, when he cannot understand that you may disagree with his point of view and takes it too personally, you are most likely to lose interest for this man very fast. Women do not marry men who make a huge deal out of every petty argument they encounter.

The Cheater

It seems obvious that any woman will not be able to live with a man who constantly cheats on her. The problem is that not all of them know they are being betrayed. Women should pay more attention to their men’s behaviour once things get suspicious as there are clear signs telling that something is going wrong. Does he leave the room every time he needs to take a call? Does he refuse to take you to a party with him? Do his business trips become ridiculously frequent? Do you keep finding random female items not belonging to you in his car? In case your answer is Yes to any of those questions you should consider having a serious talk with your husband as this might mean he has someone else.

The Pushover

Of course some women like to be the authority of their families. But men who do not have their own opinion and will surrender immediately every time you have any argument are just not even sexy. A man who agrees to anything a woman says or wants even if deep inside he disagrees, who will never contradict a woman, who never participates in an argument and waits for a woman to make decisions in every single questions will hardly be a man every woman wants to marry.

The One That Won’t Leave You Alone

controlling man

By marrying a man a woman demonstrates that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. But this does not necessarily mean that they literally need to be spend every single second together. Every human being needs a little bit of freedom. Even if people are crazy in love they still need some time apart. The man who controls every step you make, who will call you a thousand times when you go out for a coffee with your girl friends, who will not let you work not to lose you out of his sight and who checks your e-mails every day should not even be considered as someone you should dedicate your life to.

The Awkward One

awkward man

Some men are just like closed books – you never know what’s on their mind, they never start a conversation, they never laugh at your joke and do not make any attempts to pretend that they respond in any way to what you are saying. It does not mean they are bad or they do not like your company, but their way of reacting to what you say or do may be too irritating. And no, you cannot be happy with an emotionally deaf man.


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