9 Types of Men You Should Avoid


The Bodybuilder


Men with nice fit and sexy bodies have always been popular. There is nothing wrong for a man to look after himself and make some effort to look better than others. But when a man’s obsession with his own beauty becomes manic, when he updates his Instagram profile with his new gym photos every 5 minutes, when all he can talk about is his success in building a perfect body and working out takes all his time, his woman just does not feel loved and will hardly want to dedicate her life to this selfish narcissus.


Mama’s Boy

mamas boy

There is absolutely nothing wrong about a man loving his mother. Moreover, some women think that a man who loves and respects his mother will most likely love and respect his wife. And it is true to some extent. Yet if you notice some moments in his behaviour you should be alert: if he calls his mom every time you get into an argument, if his mother still pays his bills, if a man wants his girlfriend/wife to ask for his mother’s advice in every single question and if he runs to his mommy every time she calls him. These are all signs that your man’s mother is the main woman in his life and you will hardly be ever able to replace her.