Most Common Mistakes That Lead To Break Ups


Speaking ill of your partner behind their back

Trust and unconditional support are the main principles of a strong and healthy relationship. If you believe the person you love has done something wrong you should discuss it with them, do not turn it into a matter of public discussion. One’s right to refuse testifying against a spouse in court is confirmed by law, so those doing it voluntarily are on the right way to divorce. Keep all your family skeletons in your wardrobe and do not let anyone inside. Try to avoid discussing your personal life details with third parties at all, even if your have something good to share think twice before you do it: there are very few people who can be 100% happy for you, others will feel nothing but jealousy.


Not putting yourself in your partner’s shoes

Empathy is one of the principal features that makes a human different from animals. You will never understand how another person feels or why they behave this or that way before you put yourself in their shoes. Does it upset you that your husband always works till late? Imagine yourself all tired and nervous after a long exhausting day; how would you feel about another exhausting scandal at home? Would you rather spend another hour trying to explain what took you so long or would you rather have a calm romantic dinner with a person who loves and, which is even more important, understands you?