World’s Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions


Travelling can be different. While for some it is comfort and a chance to completely relax that matter in a good journey, for others it is extreme and adrenalin. Some people love spending their free time on a nice civilized beach sipping on a cocktail and listening to some calming music, others would rather risk their health, sometimes even lives to experience something totally new. If you belong to the latter group, you should check the list of world’s most dangerous destinations. Would you dare choosing one of these for your next vacation?

1. Hua Shan Plank Path Walk, China

This path is recognized by many travellers as the most dangerous hike in the world. Travellers use it to get to the temple on the top of Mount Hua Shan, though the hike itslef is s perfect sight for those looking for some adrenalin. The walk is only a few hundred feet long, but it takes a lot of time and courage to cover. In some places planks are missing and walkers have to use footholds in the rock to make their way through. There is safety harness, but it does not always help. Reports claim around 100 death on the walk every year, though no official statistics is being kept.

2. Poison Garden, UK

A part of the Alnwick Garden complex, set in the late 18th century and now patronized by Duchess of Northumberland, is far from being a garden in its regular meaning. Featuring lots of poisonous and narcotic plants, some of which may easily kill through a simple touch or breath, it was set to be something very special, and it is indeed. Jane Percy, the Duchess, inherited the gardens in total neglect, so she had a huge field for her imagination to unfold.

One of the craziest ideas was to include a number of plants that are literally dangerous for those who come to look at or, which is way worse, smell the beauty of nature. Visitors are kept at a safe distance from the most aggressive sorts, but there are numerous records of people having fainted during garden tours.\