• Top Most Beautiful Hollywood Couples That Are Not Together Anymore

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Brad and Jennifer’s love story started with a blind date set up by their agents in the spring of 1998. By that time they both had just broken up with their exes and were totally ready for a new relationship. No wonder they liked each other at first sight, started

  • Top 5 Viners to follow

    1. Eh Bee Family (@EhBeeFamily) – The first family of Vine. They Create family friendly vines & have over a million followers worldwide & More than a billion views. Father is an actor (comic), magic and brilliant mother, son and daughter who is the real star of that amazing show. Talk about everything, laugh from everything. Understand well, miraculously together make merry. And really that’s why scored a success – played and funny.

  • 8 Celebrities Who Have Been to Jail

    Being successful and famous does not necessarily mean that you are insured against prison and are allowed to do whatever comes to your crazy mind. It is really sad that many of our favorite stars are not aware of this. Here is the list of those who thought they could get away with their crazy

  • Top 8 Celebrities Caught Without Makeup

    1. Kristen Stewart Born in 1990 in Los Angeles in the family of a stage producer and script writer, Kristen hardly ever had a way other than becoming an actress. Her first big role, which brought her real luck, was in a school Christmas play, when she was 8. It was then that the actor

  • The Most Unusual Restaurants From Around The World

    Dining has proved to be one of the most important aspects of travelling. No matter how exciting your week-end in Paris was, one innocent breakfast in a shabby snack-bar with no service and cold food might make you hate this city forever, while having a nice dinner in a small cozy family restaurant with a

  • The Weirdest Wedding Traditions From Around the Globe

    Celebrating weddings is one of the most universal traditions around the globe: practically every culture, be that a nation or a small community, has its own, sometimes absolutely unique, way of celebrating this stage of a human’s life. Wedding traditions differ from culture to culture, yet there is one common feature that makes them all

  • Top Craziest Celebrity Diets

    Many Hollywood celebrities are famous not only for great performances but also for scandals, gossips and of course for diets they keep to. The more fit the star looks, the more efficient and popular her or his diet is believed to be. Sometimes these diets can be rather exotic or even extreme. Let’s have a

  • The World’s Most Tattooed People

    1.Rick Genest Better known as  Skullboy, or Zombie Boy, Rick Genest is a famous actor, musician and fashion model from Montreal, Canada. He used to be an ordinary man years ago, before something really extraordinary happened in his life: he was diagnosed with brain cancer. And though everything ended up well eventually, the six months

  • Top 5 Incredible Celebrity Weight Changes

    Life of the top Hollywood celebrities always seems brighter and easier than that of the ordinary people. They earn good money, can afford clothes, cars, houses and vacations one could only dream of – literally the whole world belongs to them and there is hardly anything they would not be able to cope with. And

  • The Notebook
    Top 10 Most Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

    So, Christmas holidays are over, and seems like all the magic that makes cold and hazy winter days brighter is far behind. But it’s to soon to fall into a funk as there is another great holiday coming – Valentine’s Day. And no matter what plans you and your sweetheart have for the big day