• Rihanna for Interview Magazine
    Impressive Rihanna’s Photoshoot For Interview Magazine

    Rihanna once again wants everyone to talk about her. And to be honest, she is getting exactly what she wants. After being named the richest female musician, the singer from Barbados made her fans happy with new provocative photos. This photoshoot has been done for Interview Magazine and is absolutely breathtaking. Переглянути цей допис в

  • Rihanna
    Top 4 Richest Female Musicians

    Every year Forbes magazine compiles a list of the richest people of the world. The lists differ by profession, gender, age and so on. And this year is no different. While the top 4 among the riches female musicians is no surprise, positioning within this list was rather surprising for some. Anyways, let’s look at

  • David Beckham
    Not So Sexy: 20 Year-Old Prediction of How David Beckham Would Look Like

    We all know David Beckham as a sex symbol of British football, stylish and self confident. His looks are being copied by thousands of fans worldwide, and he and his wife are always portrayed as one of the most stylish couples in the world. But 20 years ago, some didn’t believe he would be so

  • Top 10 #10yearchallenge Internet Posts

    Another social flash mob went viral on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the beginning of January. The conditions are simple: posting your picture from 10 years ago alongside with your latest photo under the #10yearchallenge hashtag. As with most like flash mobs it’s pretty hard to say who was the first one to start the

  • UEFA Champions League
    UEFA Champions League Playoffs 2018/2019 Draw

    The Champions League 1/8 Final of 18/19 season draw happened on December 17. Manchester United will face PSG and Liverpool will go up against Bayern Munich. Exact dates for each play off are yet to be announced, but what is known for sure is that the first legs are played on February 12/13 and February

  • Access denied sign
    Top 10 Most Stupid American Laws

    Got yourself and your pet lion tickets to a movie premiere? Prepare to get arrested if you are from Baltimore. Check some other dumb US laws before you get in trouble when it is least expected.

  • Christmas decoration ideas
    Christmas Decoration Ideas That Will Save You A Fortune

    What is Christmas really about? Spending time with family? Giving presents to those you love? Or spending tons of money on creating holiday atmosphere? Check some DIY Christmas decoration ideas that will help you save a lot and spend some quality time with the people you love.

  • Havana taxi
    Hidden Language Of The Streets Of Havana

    Planning on taking a trip to romantic Havana? Already learned some Spanish? Good for you. Yet you should learn another language, otherwise you will find it hard to move around the city. Take a look at the hand signs they developed in the streets of Havana, this might be really helpful during your stay there.

  • Christmas traditions
    Christmas Traditions From Around The World You Will Find Extremely Weird

    How do you usually know it’s already Christmas time? It’s quite simple: Christmas trees in every house, parents looking for the best presents, men wearing Santa costumes to create a real life fairy tale for their kids, and lots of Christmas decorations. Do you think it’s the same all around the globe? You will be

  • Tourists in Vienna
    Ugly Vienna: An Unexpected Tour

    Travel is not always about admiring the beauties of a new place. Among those who have seen a lot and are tired of walking around in groups and listening to a boring tour guide a new trend is gaining popularity: ugly city tours. Ready to see Vienna at its worse? You will not regret it.