• Young Cyclist Has Parked His Bike By The Same Lamppost For A Year. Now This Is His Personal Spot

    A German journalist Christine Dietz and her son have parked their vehicles by the same lamppost for a year. One day they came to their parking lot and saw something incredible: someone had noticed it and decided to make a surprise. This cute gesture has gone viral. Image source: @asausagehastwo Christine really liked the surprise

  • Space Jam
    New Space Jam Movie: Lead Actor, Producer And Director Announced

    Image credit: Movieweb It is official. The new Space Jam movie is happening. Moreover, the first cast has been announced and the movie already got a producer and a director. LeBron James will co-star the follow up to a legendary Looney Tunes movie together with Bugs Bunny, who, obviously, is already familiar with the role.

  • Emmy
    Emmy 2018: The Full List Of Winners

    The 2018 Emmy awards wasn’t full of surprises, yet it shed light on some new artists in the industry. Companies like World of Wonders and Netflix should happy with the outcome, given the reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race brought RuPaul Charles numerous awards. And 3 statues were given to Queer Eye that’s becoming extremely popular

  • Bacon The Dog
    The Rescue Dog Cracks Everyone Up With Hilarious Impressions

    Bacon is not just a rescue dog. He is a new internet sensation. His Instagram account @thebaconator has more then 16 000 followers already, and you should definitely check it out. The dog’s owner posts photos of many and many of Bacon’s impressions and cleverly writes a caption to each one of them. As it

  • FIFA 19
    List Of All Teams, Championships and Leagues in FIFA 19

    ES Sports’s FIFA franchise is one of the most popular football simulators in the world. This year EA Sports is presenting a bunch of updates to the game, as well as bringing back some of the clubs that were missing for a while. For example Ukrainian Dynamo Kyiv, that hasn’t been represented in FIFA franchise

  • Laurel Or Yammy
    Laurel Or Yanny? How A High School Student Divided The Internet

    It’s been a while since the optical illusions have been dividing the internet users into two groups. It all has gone viral with the meltdown over the color of the dress, posted online in 2015. Now the audio recording has people questioning their hearing and the hearing of their family members and workmates. The main

  • Real Madrid’s Crazy Teambuilding #Video

    Real Madrid’s team got on video an absolutely crazy teambuilding they had in the locker room. The young boy deserves the round of applause for such a great performance. The video shows a boy in Real Madrid’s locker room passing the ball around with 12 players and then shooting it inside the bin. The ball

  • World’s Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions

    Travelling can be different. While for some it is comfort and a chance to completely relax that matter in a good journey, for others it is extreme and adrenalin. Some people love spending their free time on a nice civilized beach sipping on a cocktail and listening to some calming music, others would rather risk

  • Most Common Mistakes That Lead To Break Ups

    It seems pretty obvious that certains things – like adultery or constant lying – may become the fastest way to relationship break-up. But there also might be slight nuances that seem totally innocent at the first glance, but may turn into a tragedy in the long run. Make sure you avoid these mistakes with your

  • bad guy
    9 Types of Men You Should Avoid

    All men are different. All women have different tastes: some of them will only date guys with perfect bodies, others love those with a nice belly; while some women need to be guided and ruled by their men, others will rather become the men in their families themselves. A Thought Catalog reviewer Dacia Ricketts describes