Content Plan

Here is a simple content plan for the next week. Pleased keep in mind the following:

Celebrity news – that’s news about celebrities from the list below. This has to be fresh content, that is relevant right now. There can be news about other celebrities, but rarely, and only when there is nothing to post about the ones on the list. If there is absolutely nothing, I’ll provide a list of evergreen content to choose from.

Evergreen content – content that is relevant at any time. That’s usually general stories or lists. It is okay to upload them instead of celebrity news any time almost.

Social Media – it is possible to embed posts from the social media directly to your posts (please do not count it towards the wordcount). You do not have to do that, I can do that for you, but if you feel like it, it should be very simple. Simply use embed button on Instagram or Twitter and insert into the HTML block, as on the screenshot below.


If you prefer not to do that, it is totally okay.

Article Structure – it is preferred yet not required to structure the articles. Please have a keyword in the title and also in the first paragraph for sure. After that try to insert the keywords when relevant into the text of the article.

Content plan for the next week


Already writtenAlready written

Best last minute Halloween couples costumesThe history behind Halloween

Celebrity newsCelebrity news

News about Halloween and celebrity from the bold list (ie. how Kim Kardashian celebrated or what she wore)The history behind Thanksgiving (What is Thanksgiving)

Celebrity newsNews about Halloween and celebrity from the bold list (ie. how Kim Kardashian celebrated or what she wore)

Top X Thanksgiving moviesCelebrity news

List of celebrities to write about (preferred once in Bold)

Victoria Beckham
Selena Gomez
Paris Hilton
Lindsay Lohan
Kylie Jenner
Katy Perry
Kate Moss
Justin Bieber
Jennifer Aniston
Bella Hadid
Gwen Stefani
Miley Cyrus
Demi Lovato
David Beckham
Cristiano Ronaldo
Anne Hathaway
Bella Thorne
Angelina Jolie
Kim Kardashian