2019 Most Influential Fashion and Beauty Brands


For someone who loves fashion and beauty, you should know by now which brands under these categories made it to the most influential spot. According to PilotFish, they were able to rank five brands under each category and you’ll be surprised how many popular brands didn’t even make it to their list. There are dozens of famous brands out there but not all of them are as influential as the ones named below.

As far as style is concerned, the brand that made it to the number one spot this year with the most number of followers and for being very controversial is none other than Victoria’s Secret. Based on the report from the 2019 Social Influence Index, the brand reached a whopping 111,268,467 followers.

Image: Sky Cinema/Shutterstock

It’s been around for years but what gave t its extra boost is the fact that the lingerie maker had been in the news for the last 12 months. To start, they were bombarded with issues regarding diversity and inclusivity. It made quite a stir in the fashion industry when it officially canceled its much-awaited Fashion Show last November to the disappointment of models and fans.

Following Victoria’s Secret at a close second is Chanel with a total of 73,323,218 followers. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton, Zara, and Gucci completed the top five list with followers of over 60,000,000.

How about in the beauty industry? There are a lot more surprises here especially with the numbers being not that high overall compared to those in the fashion industry. At number one with 50,246,498 followers is Huda Beauty. The brand was launched by none other than Huda Katta, a mega-influencer.

Following close at second place is Maybelline New York with MAC Cosmetics at third. Meanwhile, L’Oreal Paris is in fourth place while Sephora landed in fifth place.

Knowing that these brands have been around for years it wasn’t surprising to see them dominate this year’s list. So you must be wondering where that leaves Kylie Cosmetics. It’s quite a shock not to see the brand on the top five knowing that Kylie Jenner alone already has 153 million Instagram followers. It turned out it only ranked seventh over-all with 27,569,112 followers.


PilotFish was able to come up with this report by rounding up the followers of the brands across multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Kylie Cosmetics got third place on Instagram alone but didn’t make it to the top 10 on Facebook. That really dragged the brand down.