2019 Must-See Netflix Christmas Movies


Once all the preparations for the holidays are done and all the presents are bought nothing beats watching a nice Christmas movie with a cup of hot cocoa. This year, Netflix has created original Christmas-inspired movies that are sure to make the holidays more fun and enjoyable for everyone. Grab some tissues and get that popcorn ready as you cuddle with your loved one while watching these must-see entertainments.

Holiday in the Wild

Holiday in the Wild is a romantic comedy about Kate, played by Kristin Davis, who spent her holiday in an elephant preservation site. Her husband ended their marriage just when her son was off to college. She met a pilot named Derek played by Rob Love who reminded her of the beauty and magic of Christmas.

Let It Snow

This is definitely a must-see especially for teens out there. It is based on a novel about a group of high school students who struggle with everyday teen crises. There are many characters in this movie, each has a unique story that will make you laugh and cry but in the end, love overcomes all.

The Knight Before Christmas

Vanessa Hudgens once again starred in another Netflix original this time playing the role of a science teacher. Follow the story of how medieval magic send a knight played by Josh Whitehouse to modern-day Ohio where he found himself falling in love with Hudgens’ character.


Klaus is another masterpiece from the creator of Despicable Me. It’s a very heart-warming movie about Jesper, voiced by Jason Schwartzman, who has to work as a postman in a very remote frozen island with a chaotic community. There he met Klaus, voiced by J.K. Simmons, a toymaker who lives alone in the woods. In order to get more mails, Jesper tricked the children to send a letter to “Santa” asking him for toys. He was able to unite the community and bring holiday joys and cheers with Klaus and Alva, voiced by Rashida Jones.

Holiday Rush

When DJ Rashon “Rush” Williams’ (played by Romany Malco) wife died, he learned to deal with the loss by spoiling his children by buying everything they have on their Christmas list and more. But then, he lost his job several days before the holidays and had no choice but to simplify their lives. That’s when he realized that having each other is the true joy of Christmas.

A Christmas Prince 3

If you’ve been following this movie series from Netflix, this is the third one in the Christmas Prince franchise. Here, the couple prepares to welcome their new baby to the world of Aldovia. However, it’s not just about spreading Christmas cheer as there are some twists and turns that proves being a royal isn’t everything it cracks up to be.


What are you waiting for? Feel the spirit of Christmas by watching these Netflix originals today! Also, do not forget to check our list for the Valentine’s day.