5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore once said that if you’re going through hell, you should come back learning something.

But her life story isn’t purely about the hell she has been through. More importantly, it is about the happiness she built out of the lessons she has learned along the way. In honor of her 45th birthday, let’s take a glimpse at some of the most fascinating facts from her meaningful life.

Her first acting gig

Drew was no stranger in front of the camera having landed her first gig at 11 months old to be exact, back in 1975 when she appeared in a Puppy Chow commercial. Five years later, she had her first movie role in the Altered States, a horror film. But the film which led her to stardom was the role of Gertie in the 1982 classic E.T.

Her relationship with her parents

Drew’s relationship with her parents was a bit more fraught than reassuring. Drew described her father John as an abusive man, having left the family when she was just six months old. Her mother, Jaid, on the other hand, had questionable parenting skills and soon enough, she had to fully emancipate herself in the long run.

Her first drink

Drew had previously revealed she’d poured liquor over her ice cream at seven, first got drunk at Rob Lowe’s birthday party when she was nine as she slow-danced with Emilio Estevez afterward. She then went on to partying regularly, and as this became a habit, cocaine use followed shortly after.

Her struggle with addiction

Drew, being a young teenager back then, had her addiction issues out of hand and was first admitted to rehab at 13, followed by an 18-month stay in an institution for the mentally ill. She knew then that she had a very abnormal life and that she needed a severe shift. After her suicide attempt at 14, she stayed at David Crosby and wife’s households, both recovering addicts.

She hosted SNL at seven

Drew, taking center stage in Studio 8H at a tender age of seven, was the youngest person to ever host Saturday Night Live. She then returned in 2009 and proceeded to become the first female to have hosted the show for a total of six times.


Drew Barrymore had lived a peculiar but beautiful life. She is a reminder that everyone has the power to change, and that though life has been nothing but cruel, just like her, still we could pose a positive and wonderful influence.