6 Confessions from Ben Affleck You’ve Never Heard Before


For Ben Affleck, honesty is the best answer to everything.

The Hollywood actor has his share of headlines in recent years including his public divorce with Jennifer Garner. A lot of highs and lows have happened to the star’s life for millions to comment on.

As Ben Affleck gear up for his jam-packed year including the release of The Way Back on March 6, he is addressing some of the biggest stories of his life including his battle with alcoholism. In fact, Ben’s character in the upcoming film is a high school basketball coach who struggles with drinking.

In an interview with the New York Times, Ben explained that people with compulsive behavior have a kind of basic discomfort that they all want to go away, and he’s one of them. He talked about trying to make himself better with eating, drinking, sex, shopping or gambling but they only made his life worse. He said that the more you make everything go away, the real pain starts and for him, the time he started drinking more and more is also the time when his marriage started to fall apart.

Let’s go over Ben’s candid remarks on his interview:

On His Divorce with Jennifer Garner:

Ben and Jennifer’s marriage took its end in 2018 after a long separation. While they continue to co-parent their three children successfully, Ben couldn’t help but take his reflection regarding the change in their relationship. For him, the biggest regret of his life was his divorce and shame was really toxic. He experienced low-self worth and self-loathing which were toxic to him. He was obsessed over his failures and he started to beat himself up. The actor shared that he certainly made mistakes, done things that he regretted doing but he got to pick himself up, learn from them and try to move forward.

On His Sobriety Struggles:

In October 2019, the actor raised concerns regarding his sobriety when he was caught on camera while drunk. The Oscar winner was not proud of it as it was embarrassing and he wished it didn’t even happen. One thing he wished is that it wasn’t on the internet for his kids to see. Moreover, he said that he and Jennifer did their best to address it and be honest.


On His Memorable Back Tattoo:

A debate whether the tattoo was fake or real has popped among fans that spotted it on the actor’s back. While Ben said that it was fake for a movie, it turned out to be an authentic one.  He shared that he resented that somebody got a picture of it by spying on him. He felt invasive and felt it should never be anyone’s business.

On the Harvey Weinstein Trial:

During the deliberation on Harvey Weinstein’s trial, Ben shared a brief comment about the Hollywood producer. The actor said that he doesn’t even know if he has anything to add or say that hasn’t been already said and better by people who have been victimized personally or the survivors of what he did. Previously, Ben announced about a donation he would do on all future residual payments from Weinstein films to anti-sexual assault charities. However, Harvey, on the other hand, denied the allegations on non-consensual sex.

On His Family History Related to Alcohol Abuse:

With his extended family, the actor admitted that he’s not the first one to fight with alcohol. He shared that his dad didn’t get sober until he was 19 years old. He added that the more he grows, the more he recognized the best efforts his dad was doing. He revealed that there’s a lot of alcoholism and mental illness involved in his family and it’s sometimes a powerful legacy to shake. He confessed that it took him an amount of time to admit that he is an alcoholic without any doubt.


On His Support System in Hollywood:

Ben shared that Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Cooper are the guys who have been showing him a lot of support. He added that he feels a great sense of gratitude for them.