9 Weirdest Food Decoration Ideas


Food has long become a way to explore your inner artist. Restaurants go out of their ways to impress their visitors and to have a “wow” factor. When you invite others to enjoy a meal you also want to impress them and sometimes even have fun with the way your food looks. Here is the list of the weiderst food decorations from around the world.

1. Cesar Salad

Weird Cesar Salad Decorations

This is not exactly what you expect to get when you order a Cesar Salad. So this has pretty much everything a regular salad should have, but it is rolled up like a burrito. No matter what the look is, if it has the same ingredients, it should taste the same though, so we could give it a try.

2. Scotch Egg

Weird Scotch Egg Decorations

You know when you order a scotch egg, you expect to eventually get an egg with bacon and whatever else should be served with it. Well, this restaurant serves a Scotch Egg as it was a trophy. And it actually looks like one, so you can order it like a champion, and, perhaps, after you finish eating it get a medal or something.