Abbey Road Photo Turns 50. Fans Celebrate At The Most Famous Crosswalk In The World


The legendary photo for the Beatles album ‘Abbey Road’ has been taken 50 years ago. That means that exactly half a century ago the world got not only the album cover for one of the greatest music albums of all times, but also the most famous crosswalk, known pretty much around the globe.

It is indisputable, that Abbey Road is one of the most well known touristic attractions in the UK. Yet this August 8th it is busier than usual. And all because the legendary Beatles photoshoot, that made the crosswalk famous turns 50 and fans from all over the world came to celebrate the date.

Abbey Road 50 Fans Celebration

People, dressed as Lennon, McCarty, Harrison and Starr cross the street, imitating the album cover. Others take pictures and applaud, as The Beatles cover band plays.


The original photo has been taken on August 8th, 1969 at 11.35 AM by the Scottish photographer and journalist Iain Mcmillan. The time of the photoshoot was selected deliberately to avoid the fan crowds which were not a rarity around midday near the studios.


It took Mcmillan only 10 minutes to get the photoshoot right and make the legendary photo which is well-known around the globe. Overall Iain took 6 frames, yet on only one of them (the fifth one) the band was stepping in unison, and thus it was used for the cover.

The idea for the photoshoot was taken from the Paul McCartney’s sketch drawing of a stickmen on the zebra crossing.

Abbey Road became The Beatles’s final album and is appreciated by many fans.