Are Vanessa Hudgens and Kyle Kuzma of Lakers an Item?


Vanessa Hudgens is definitely moving on and she’s back in the dating game. After her recent split from longtime boyfriend Austin Butler, the actress was seen enjoying a dinner date with LA Lakers star Kyle Kuzma.

In the photos gathered by TMZ, Vanessa and Kyle were seen enjoying a bottle of wine at an Italian restaurant called Lilia in Brooklyn, Tuesday evening. Vanessa was in a black turtleneck sweater and looked delighted by the Lakers star’s presence.

Well, they might just be meeting as simple friends, but there were some social media activities from them that are the root of speculation of a likely rebound.

The 24-year-old NBA star posted a photo on Instagram captioned with “Yeaaaa we like thatttt,” and Vanessa commented “Ya we doooo”. It didn’t stop there. The High School Musical star was also spotted cheering on Kyle during last week’s Lakers game against Cleveland Cavaliers. With her cheerleader vibe, Vanessa also gave Kyle a shout out by posting a video of Kyle making a basket. At the rate this two is going, we won’t be surprised to see Vanessa in the bleachers cheering the LA Lakers team on.

The basketball player definitely has taste when it comes to women. He actually hung out with supermodel Kendall Jenner on a yacht.

Both haven’t addressed anything against the speculation but there’s no denying that Vanessa is ready to conquer the next chapter of her life. From those lavish red carpet moments to the quality time with her best friends, the single life definitely looks good on her.

As for why Austin called it quits with Vanessa after their almost nine-year relationship, a source shared that distance was the main reason.

The source explained that Austin and Vanessa have been shooting on two different continents and it’s a matter of distance. Both of them do not hold any bad blood and they show a lot of respect to each other. A second insider added that both had an amazing history and they might find their way back to one another.


For now, Vanessa is fabulously winning her life with Kyle by her side. As the saying goes, she’s single and ready to mingle!