Ariana Grande Cancels Concert in Kentucky


Ariana Grande had been sharing updates about her latest health condition. According to the 26-year-old singer, she had no choice but to cancel her concert in Lexington, Kentucky because of her illness. She is presently on the road for her Sweetener tour.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | By Emma

She posted an Instagram Story where she said that she woke up feeling 10 times worse and found it hard to swallow. Her voice was raspy, too. She also explained that she isn’t sure about what’s going on with her but unfortunately, she had to cancel her show.

The songstress expressed her devastation and sadness while at the same time apologized for what happened. She also told fans that they will be refunded for their tickets. On the other hand, she thanked them for being understanding and sending their love. She also said she will continue to update them with what’s going on with her body.

Meanwhile, she also turned to Twitter to express her love to her Arianators. Based on her post, she was “crying” because she couldn’t tell them how much she loves and appreciates all of them. She considered them a blessing in her life. She added that she wished she was there with them.

It was only last Saturday when she informed her 167 million followers on Instagram that she was feeling sick since her last show in London. According to her, her throat and head were in so much pain. She explained that though she sounded okay, she was in a lot of pain and that had difficulty breathing during her show. She even comforted fans that she will be seeing her doctor and try her best to make it to the Kentucky show. She added that canceling it was the last thing on her mind.


On the other hand, fans expressed their sympathy to the singer about having to cancel the show. One Twitter user said she hoped that Grande knows they care about her wellbeing more than the show and that she should focus on getting better because they love her so much. Another added that she means the world to them and they just want her to get better.

Ariana Grande’s next concert will be on November 19 in Atlanta but it’s not yet clear if it will be canceled, too.