Ariana Grande is Sick and May Cancel Tour


Ariana Grande is very vocal about her health struggles, especially while on tour. She is presently performing for her Sweetener World Tour and has shared several posts on her Instagram Stories on Saturday about being sick. These Stories informed her fans and viewers about the fact that she has been feeling sick and it has been going on for three weeks already. She added that because of this, she might cancel her upcoming shows.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | By Emma

According to her post, she said that she was still very sick and had been so since her last show in London. She added that her throat and head are in much pain though she sounds okay. Moreover, she claimed that it was difficult for her to breathe during her shows and doesn’t know what’s happening to her body and that she needs to figure it out.

Aside from her Instagram Stories, she also posted several videos where she explains her present condition. For instance, she shared a health update after her performance in Charlottesville. She said she had been coughing and had a sinus infection during her show. She continued on saying that her head was painful and heavy while her glands were hurting.

The 26-year-old singer said she will be seeing a doctor soon to know what is really going on with her body. She said she’s scared that she might have to cancel some of her shows because of this. It’s been three weeks and she wasn’t getting better.

Aside from informing the public about her current physical state, she also expressed how grateful she was for her shows and how special they are for her. She also said she looks forward to the rest of her tour.


She went on to say that she will cherish the memories with her fans because they’re all beautiful. According to her, she feels really mad that she can’t get better because she never wanted to cancel anything. She loves making those memories with her fans. She ended her video by saying “I love you”.

Ariana Grande is scheduled to perform at Lexington, Kentucky on Sunday. Hopefully, she’ll be better by then.