Brad Pitt Bares His Soul, Proves He Is Human Just Like Us


Brad Pitt recently sat on a discussion with Anthony Hopkins, a fellow veteran actor, for Interview magazine. Pitt and Hopkins opened up to each other about their struggles with drinking and realizing their happiness as they grow old.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt | Source: Maggie

The 55-year-old actor started the conversation by asking his fellow actor if he believes in fate. Hopkins responded saying that his impression about life is that he just goes wherever life takes him. He said that’s what happens to people like them and they don’t know why. He added that maybe it’s some kind of a desire to escape from something but he believes he can’t take any credit or blame.

Pitt responded that he realized that the real act of forgiveness for himself is valuing his mistakes and understanding that they led him to wisdom which in return led him to something more.

Pitt and Hopkins first teamed up in the western epic Legends of the Fall in 1994. In 1998, they worked again in the fantasy drama Meet Joe Black and seeing the history that they’ve shared, Pitt is the best person to sit on an interview with Hopkins.

The two actors led to talking about Pitt’s struggle with alcohol and he opened up how he saw it as damaging to himself and also as an “escape” which he admitted that to some degree it was necessary. Hopkins also shared his struggles with alcohol and said he’s not an evangelist about that matter. In addition, Hopkins acknowledges that chapter in his life, it happened for a reason and he has moved on.

Both actors showed how they recognized their mistakes and learned from them. Pitt added that what defines a person is not the mistakes they did but the action done after the mistake.


Speaking of mistakes, one can presume that Pitt was also referring to the missteps he made on his romantic relationships. Earlier this year, the “Troy” actor spent a year and a half at Alcoholics Anonymous following his divorce in 2017 with Angelina Jolie.

Furthermore, Brad Pitt said he is human and all of us want purpose and meaning in our lives. The actor also opened up about becoming comfortable with his weaknesses. When Hopkins asked him if he cries a lot, Pitt responded that he was famous for being a “not-crier”. He explained that he is ‘’just moved’’ by his kids and his friends and he thinks it’s a good sign.