Bruno Mars Collaborates with Disney for a Music-Driven Movie


Disney got some uptown funk in the area!

Bruno Mars has set a deal with Disney for a very exciting project. The collaboration will give the singer an opportunity to develop a music-themed theatrical feature that he will star and produce at the same time. The details concerning the project are still kept behind the curtains. According to a source, the project will contain original music created and performed by Bruno Mars. On Thursday, the musician shared on Twitter the historic honor that he has.

He wrote on his tweet that if your heart is in your dream, no request can be hard to reach.  He also wrote the hashtags #MarsMeetsTheMouse #ImGoingToDisneyland #YESSS!! alongside him playing the tune on a piano. Well, it really shows how excited he is about the upcoming project and everyone else is waiting.

Bruno Mars has a successful journey as a recording artist. He has 11 Grammy Awards and 27 nominations, but with his growing fame and remarkable talent, he might be going for Oscars gold too in the years to come. Knowing him, he’s one versatile artist who never fails to surprise his fans with his talent.

The artist appeared in the film Honeymoon in Vegas and his voice was also featured in Rio 2. Having this kind of collaboration with Disney will be his first venture into starring in a feature film. We all know Bruno Mars is an all-around performer and he is a star when it comes to putting up an epic show. Fans have nothing to worry as Bruno is always a little extra when it comes to his passion for music.


Disney seems to be starting the year 2020 with a big bang. Earlier this week, they also announced that they would be collaborating with Lin-Manuel Miranda for a movie that will be based on his iconic Broadway musical Hamilton. Miranda wrote all the major details on “Disney presents: Hamilton,” and shared that the original Broadway cast will be filmed onstage at The Richard Rodgers Theatre on October 15, 2021.

This kind of magic brings more joy to the hearts of all Disney lovers out there!