Celebrities Turn to Instagram to Express Their Thoughts on US President Donald Trump Impeachment


The House of Representatives has made its decision and now Hollywood is also weighing in after the House approved two impeachment articles namely on obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. The Democrats were able to reach 2/3 of the majority needed. The vote marked the impeachment of Trump, the 45th president of the United States. He is also the third president in American History to be ever impeached by the House of Representatives. The first one was Andrew Johnson and then Bill Clinton.

The president found out about it while he was in Michigan, attending an election rally. He didn’t directly address his present status but he did turn to his social media accounts. He tweeted that these are all lies by the radical left and told the democrats to do nothing. He added that such action is an assault to America and to the republican party.

The 73-year-old leader will now wait for a trial in the Senate, after which the verdict. He is currently on his third year into his first term as president.

Following the news, many Hollywood celebrities turned to their social media accounts to express their thoughts. Take for instance Cole Sprouse who was one of the first stars to voice out his reaction by sharing a photo of the president and captioning it with the words bye, bye. He also added the phrase “sack of” with a poop emoji at the end.

In addition, Hailey Bieber expressed her emotions on her Instagram Story through a quality meme with the words, Bye Felicia. Meanwhile, Josh Gad like most celebrities posted a photo of people eating peaches and captioned his with the words, “It tastes good”.


If there’s someone who took on a different approach to the results it has to be Alyssa Milano. She expressed her somber feeling by saying that she expected this moment and wanted to feel overjoyed but somehow she felt sad and heartbroken about it. She said that this vote will never make up for what the president has done in the last few years. According to her, it will take generations to recover from it. She added that it’s a terrible day in American history but it was a great defense for democracy.