Celebs Share Who They Stay Home for Amid COVID-19


Why are you staying inside the four corners of your home? David Beckham and Eva Longoria and other stars are answering this question via social media. They encourage everyone to share the reason why they are practicing social distancing as a response to the pandemic.

Kevin Bacon started an initiative to help in the prevention of the coronavirus. He brought a cheeky spin on this eponymous idea that every one of us is just six degrees from one another. The actor shared online a statement that if you are home like him, you can also post a video or photo with a sign like he made and share who you are staying home for and tag six other friends to do the same. The hashtag #IStayHomeFor was used by Bacon in his post and encourages everyone to share too. He added that the more people involved, the merrier, as we are all connected by different circumstances.

Bacon’s initiative immediately took over Hollywood and other stars have joined the movement. Let’s see how the stars shared their experience via their social media accounts:


David Beckham

Beckham was nominated by Kevin Bacon and have shared his response to the movement. He shared that he stays home for the ones he love and that includes his wife Victoria and their kids. He also encouraged his followers to help on stopping this virus.

Demi Lovato

The Skyscraper singer has also joined the movement amid this pandemic. As she shared on her social media account, she said that a lot of things are going on in the world right now, but one thing matters and that is spreading the love. She added that she is staying for her parents, her neighbors and for her personal health by using the hashtag #IStayHomeFor.

Elton John

Elton John was also nominated by Kevin Bacon and he shared that he is staying home for @davidfurnish and their boys. The star also shared that playing snakes and ladders is what they do while spending time inside their home.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria shared that she is staying home for her country, for the world, for her lovely Santi baby and for the love of her life Pepe. She also urges everyone to stay at home for it is the only thing that we can contribute to stopping the spread of the virus.


Millie Bobby Brown

Brown shared that she stays home for her nan who protected her for years and it’s time for her to protect her beautiful nan.