Chris Hemsworth Joins Celebs Who Gave Donations for Australia


Chris Hemsworth is a native of Australia and he has joined the list of celebrities who are sharing their resources and platform to combat the wildfires that continue to spread all over Australia. He took to Instagram on Monday, January 6, to express his support by donating $1 million to help with all the wildlife relief efforts.

Hemsworth posted a video wherein he said that the fires in Australia have already caused massive devastation and it’s still burning. He added that there’s warmer weather coming and plenty of challenges ahead. He mentioned that what they need is support and donations from people.

In addition, the Thor actor told his fans and followers to also share their blessings by donating and supporting the cause to fight against wildfires. He said that every penny can already help firefighters, animals, people, and communities that are affected by the fires. 

Based on the Australian star’s caption, he wrote that like others he also wants to support the efforts in fighting bushfires in Australia. He and his family are therefore donating a million dollars and hopefully, others can chip in as well.

So far, there are around 12.35 million acres that were affected by the wildfires in Australia. Approximately 1,400 homes were destroyed while around 23 people already died. Further, the fires have claimed the lives of over half a billion wild animals.

Hemsworth continued on by saying that whatever amount you donate will be greatly appreciated. He added links in his bio to support firefighters, charities, and other organizations working together to help Australia. He also said that he is appreciative of everyone all over the world for their donations and well wishes. He ended by saying that it will make a difference. 

During the 2020 Golden Globes Awards last weekend, many celebrities shed light on the devastating wildfires in Australia and urged fans and viewers at home to also share whatever they could and help by spreading awareness.


Just recently, couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban also pledged to give $500,000 to the Australian Fire Relief while Russel Crowe skipped the ceremony to protect his home from the fires, though he also sent a message regarding the situation remotely after winning in the Golden Globes.