Chrissy Teigen Claims These 3 Things Get Her Mom-Shamed


Chrissy Teigen is extremely famous and she’s no stranger to mom-shamers on the internet. Though she’s used to them, there are three specific things that cause them to troll her all the more.

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The 34-year-old celebrity and her husband John Legend have two children. Their daughter Luna was born in April 2016 while their son Miles was born in May 2018. The couple like to document almost every moment of their kids’ lives but somehow many people started to criticize them especially those who like giving the couple unsolicited parenting advice.

The host said that they like to do this in almost everything. Whenever she posts a photo of her children holding ribs or eating sausages, she gets criticized. She added that vegans and vegetarians get angry at her because they think they’re forcing their children to eat meat at a very young age and this freaks them out.

Another thing that these mom-shamers also like to criticize them of is their family’s frequent traveling. For example, if they see the car seat, they would start talking about how they should buckle their kids properly.

The third major cause of uproars among their critics is the fact that they have their TV on a lot. She believes that this is only normal because she and John are working on television and they love it.

Teigen admitted that she has already developed  a thicker skin towards those giving her negative comments since she became a mother, there are times when these negative comments can have a bad impact on her mood.

The Cravings: Hungry for More author has learned how to clap back at these mom-shamers. She’s not the only celebrity mother who gets criticized on social media and there are times when enough is enough for her. One time in July 2018, she actually went off on a troll for criticizing her after she shared a photo of herself breast-feeding her child on Instagram.

She replied to the troll by saying that she doesn’t care about seeing grainy fireworks, selfies at Coachella or photos taken in infinity pools but she let people live.

So what does her husband has to say to all of these? The 41-year-old singer often spoke up against the way people set double standards about critical comments posted by strangers online.


He said that people were shaming Chrissy Teigen even for just leaving their house and didn’t say anything bad against the singer. He said that if they’re going to blame her, they should blame both of them and not just the mother.