Chrissy Teigen Got a Boob Job at 20 and Now She Thinks She’s “Screwed”


Chrissy Teigen got a boob job at 20 and said it was one thing she regretted.

The mother-of-two took to Instagram to announce that she will be the cover of the Spring/Summer edition of GLAMOUR UK. She revealed that she had her breasts done when she was only 20. The 34-year-old TV personality said that it was a swimsuit thing. She wanted her breasts to look perky especially if she’s posing on her back. However, she said that when she had babies and her breasts filled up with milk and deflate.

The queen of clap backs actually had a funny way of announcing her magazine stint and addressing her revelation. She took to Instagram to joke about it that now everybody knew she got her boobs done at a young age. For her, she felt like a weight was lifted off her chest.

However, Teigen told the publication that she kept the same cup size. She only filled out her boobs to make them appear rounder and firmer. She also revealed she had a little in the bottom and filled out her breast line. But she said she wanted them out and if there’s one she could do, she would like to have a lift.

Meanwhile, Teigen explained that implants need to be replaced every ten years but after she became a mom, it was dangerous for her to undergo surgery. She added she didn’t want to die because of boob surgery.

The TV star also talked about her struggles in being confident in her own skin. She admitted that before she became a mom, she used to weigh herself every morning, afternoon, and night. She did this for eight years. However, this changed when she had Luna and then Miles. It was only then that she became comfortable with her new normal weight.


On the other hand, Teigen also talked about her struggles with mental health and postpartum depression. She had been very outspoken about these matters especially on social media. She talked about how tough last month was for her but she tried to keep a positive outlook. She added that she’s building herself back up.