David Beckham Takes Children Trick or Treating and You’ll Never Guess the Highlight of Their Halloween


David Beckham and his family are among the most popular in the world so it wasn’t a surprise that when he took his children out trick-or-treating, they made headlines. The Beckhams didn’t disappoint fans at all because their A-list Halloween experience included a visit to the home of Justin and Hailey Bieber.

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Beckham took to Instagram to share a photo of eight-year-old Harper holding a snow cone with a caption saying it was the highlight of her life. She totally nailed her Billie Eilish costume that night wherein she wore a white jumper and jogging pants complete with a bright blue wig. She also painted black tear marks on her face and wore gold chain necklaces for accessories. Beckham later revealed that she got the snow cone from the Biebers.

To confirm this, Justin Bieber has posted on his Instagram story earlier that they got snow cones for trick or treat. The post showed him wearing a mask right next to a snow cone machine.

But Harper wasn’t the only one all garbed up for Halloween. Once she completed her look, she helped his 44-year-old dad from dressing up as a billionaire playboy to being Oliver Queen, the superhero from the hit series, Arrow. Beckham himself documented his whole transformation on Instagram. He revealed that they used products from the new beauty line of his wife, Victoria Beckham.

Meanwhile, their son, Romeo, created his own character. The aspiring 17-year-old tennis star conceptualized his own ensemble composed of a neon green morphsuit which he partnered with a scary white mask and gold chains. He also took to Instagram to thank Justin and Hailey for the snow cones.

On the other hand, the eldest child in the family, Brooklyn, 20, also dressed up for Halloween by recreating a prisoner in a striped co-ord.


The Beckham brood went trick or treating around the neighborhood and found themselves at the Bieber’s home where they got the snow cones.

However, Victoria Beckham, 45, and their middle son, 14-year-old Cruz, weren’t with them during the festivities. Instead, she turned to Instagram where she expressed her shock when she finally saw her family all dressed up for Halloween.