Demi Lovato Talks About Self-Love in First Major Interview in Over a Year


Demi Lovato is living her life according to her own terms. The 27-year-old former Disney star and singer talked about self-love during her first official appearance and interview after more than a year at the 2019 Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles.

Demi Lovato
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Lovato said the past 12 months of her life were very introspective. At present, she claimed that she has never been more in tune with who she is that she’s at today. She learned that life isn’t worth living at all if you’re not living it for yourself. She added that it will never work out if you’re only doing things for other people.

One of the major causes of her new positive outlook towards life is how she was able to embrace her body as it is. She shared that whenever she worked out at the gym for the past two years, she was doing it in an unhealthy manner. She added that it was probably why she had taken a darker path.

She stopped going to the gym in October and it made her realize that she has to be okay with her body as it is. She said she has to accept the way it is today and the fact that she’s healthy and doesn’t need to change anything. She later added that she loves the person she is today.

Now that her lowest lows are in the past, Lovato’s hoping that people would remember her as a singer. The things that have happened to her somehow outshone her success as a singer and she just wanted people to focus more on her music and not on the other aspects of her life. Her painful experiences have definitely inspired her to create new music which she confirmed is just around the corner.


Meanwhile, she went on to sharing that she is more cautious now when jumping back into things. She wanted to take her time and when she believes it’s time to release new music, then she will. She admitted that she is dying to release new music and if it’s taking longer than usual, then it’s all because she wanted them to be perfect for everybody.

Given Demi Lovato’s new positive outlook in life, her new music is definitely going to worth the wait.