Demi Lovato’s Alleged Nude Photos Leaked as Celebrity’s Snapchat is Hacked


In the age of social media no-one’s privacy is protected from being exposed to public. Demi Lovato became the latest celebrity victim of hackers, as her Snapchat account has been broken into and the singer’s naked photos leaked and were posted to her social media.

Demi Lovato's Alleged Nude Photos Leaked as Celebrity's Snapchat is Hacked
Source: Instagram | @ddlovato

Demi Lovato’s Snapchat Has Been Hacked

According to The Blast, Lovato’s Snapchat account @ddlovato has been hacked overnight and her naked photos posted onto it. The message, that the hackers left read “Join this discord server for my nudes”, with swipe-up link to the archive. There was also an image of a naked brunette, supposedly the Sorry Not Sorry singer.

The message, that the hackers left on Demi Lovato's Snapchat account read "Join this discord server for my nudes"
Source: Snapchat

The messages have been quickly removed from Demi Lovato’s Snapchat account. The celebrity’s team is currently also working on removing the images from the forums and other websites. At the same time, the authenticity of the photos has not been either confirmed or denied but the singer’s publicity team.

Who Hacked Demi Lovato’s Snapchat?

According to the The Blast, the hacking group that broke into the Demi Lovato’s social media account is the same team that recently hacked Jack Dorsey’s, Twitter’s CEO account. It might also be the same group that is responsible for leaking the nudes of Chloe Grace Moretz.


At the same time, it has not been confirmed and neither group has taken responsibility for it yet.

The singer herself is known for posting provocative photos on social media account. At the same time, she received a lot of support from her followers on Instagram after posting an unedited cellulite photo earlier this year.