Famous and Scared: The Weirdest Celebrity Phobias


Famous and Scared

We are all afraid of something: spiders, snakes, darkness or heights – those are things that can be really dangerous and no wonder one starts screaming seeing a spider in the corner of the bathroom or gets paralyzed with fright when looks down from the window of the tenth floor. But there are fears that are hard to explain: have you ever seen a person running away from a butterfly? Or panicking upon seeing a mirror? Sounds crazy, but those are real phobias real people suffer and unlike rational fears typical for most people, they are practically impossible to get rid of.


Moreover, there is a number of famous and successful people who, having gained everything one could only dream of, can do nothing about the fears stalking them every day and making their lives unbearable. Here is a list of the most unbelievable things celebrities are terribly afraid of.