Free Slurpee at 7-Eleven. What is that?


Slurpee is one of the most popular drinks at the US chain 7-Eleven, and the stores are giving it out… for free! It is available at all 7-Eleven store and there are no strings attached. You just come in, get your free Slurpee and that’s it.

Free Slurpee

Every year on July 11th (7-Eleven, you get it?) the chain is giving our free Slurpees. This tradition is a way of celebrating the store’s birthday. It is giving out them only in small sizes though, so if you want more you either would have to pay for it, or… go get another one at a different store.

7-Eleven is approximating it will give out stunning 9 million Slurpees! And the free drink will be available at store from 11AM to 7PM local time. Even more than that, no purchase is required, meaning you can get a free drink by simply walking into a store. Beware though, as Slurpees have 25-27 grams of sugar per 12-ounce serving (depending on the flavor) so drinking too much of it isn’t good for you anyways.

All together the promotions will run for 36 hours and. Yes, that’s the correct number, given the time difference in all the states.


What is Slurpee?

It is a carbonated drink and it is sold exclusively at 7-Eleven. It was created by Omar Knedlik in the 1950s and the name was suggested by Ruth E. Taylor once the drink became popular. The original name of Slurpee was ICEE

It comes in many flavors, yet Coca-Cola is the most famous one. Yet there 34 flavors that are sold in the United States depending on store location. Some of the other popular ones are Black Cherry Pepsi, Piña Colada, Blue Raspberry, Mountain Dew, Blue Shock Mountain Dew (yes, those are different) and obviously Wild Cherry.