Gwen Stefani Receives Fashion Icon Award


Gwen Stefani isn’t only a singer but is now a certified fashion icon. She went home Sunday with the 2019 Fashion Icon Award in her arm during the People’s Choice Awards.

The 50-year-old singer became the second person to receive the award. Victoria Beckham got the first one last year. Stefani wore a custom Vera Wang for the evening and was accompanied by her boyfriend, Blake Shelton. In fact, she even called out to him in the audience when she accepted the award.

Stefani said that being given such an honor was hard to digest. She admitted to always having loved fashion. She refers to it as an instinctual thing because her mom, grandmother, and great grandmother sewed clothes. Going to the fabric store with her mom was also one of the favorite things she loves doing.

In addition, she said that she loves fashion and she considers being with talented designers and people who taught her all the things she needed to know as one of the biggest blessings ever. She used to think that fashion was only for the rich and would rather go to thrift stores and make her own things and this is why she has this award.

She ended her speech by saying that she will be giving her trophy to Zuma, her 11-year-old son and thanking all her loved ones and fan. She also said “I love you” to Blake and told him he’s a babe.


The award wasn’t a surprise to Stefani because it was revealed to her last month. She said that receiving the award felt bizarre and crazy and it caused memories of her back in Anaheim going through Vogue magazine and telling her old self that she could never have those kinds of clothes. To her, the award is proof that if you remain true to who you are and continue to follow your passion, things can happen.

Gwen Stefani has been known for her unique fashion statement ever since she started her career as a singer. She is famous for her hairstyle changes and for pulling off any look. This only proves that she deserves being called a fashion icon.