Harry Styles Talking About His Sexuality Will Make Your Day


When we talk about Harry Style’s sexuality, there can be no definite answer.

The One Direction star has gained his fame since the start of the boy band. The 25-year-old singer is passionate about his music and at the same time bombarded by personal questions. Well, Styles has also been stylish and ready on the questions that are thrown at him. Not everyone can or should we say, not all celebrities can deliver an honest answer, and that’s what makes Harry Styles better.

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In an interview with The Guardian, the British singer has conveyed how open and truthful he is when it comes to his sexuality. A lot has been curious about the sexuality aspect of Style’s life. But before he got down on that matter, he gave some details about his bold fashion including the attention he got as the 2019 Met Gala. Back in the event, he wore a donned peek-a-boo blouse with lace ensembles that match a pearl earring.

Styles elaborated on how he thinks of women and men fashions are not a problem for him. Women and men wear different pieces but it doesn’t make him wear less of an incredible women outfit.  Styles believe that wearing anything is always possible as long as you feel comfortable and at ease. For him, being a star singer, he uses fashion as an instrument to express himself and how he slowly accepts himself. He said that he was able to reflect and it makes him free. The singer also added how lines have been blurred but also on the field of music.

When asked about his sexuality, he agreed that it is also part of the blurred lines. With his simple reply, he is also confused about why anyone would be so interested in that part of his life. For Style’s, he’s not protecting or holding back anything referring to his sexuality. To Styles, it’s a matter of why would people even care about that personal aspect.


Styles made it clear that he is not sending any hints or messages about his sexuality. When it comes to his new album, he doesn’t add some sexuality vagueness to catch more attention. For him, the decisions he made on his album was a product of collaboration he did. He also said that he wanted to make things look in a certain way because for him it simply looks cool.