Heidi Klum Sides with America’s Got Talent following Gabrielle Union’s Exit


Heidi Klum is not geared up to exit America’s Got Talent.

After facing headlines of Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union’s exit on the reality show, Heidi Klum shared her experience.

Heidi talked about how she had an amazing experience on the show. She added that she can’t speak out for the other judges for she didn’t experience the same thing as they did. For her, everyone was treated with the respect that they deserve and she never noticed anything hurtful or odd.

Way back in November, Gabrielle became concerned about some offensive incidents that took place on the show. On the other hand, NBC had a joint statement with America’s Got Talent production companies Fremantle and Syco. They said that they are committed to making sure that the workplace of all their employees is surrounded by respect. Moreover, they stated that they are dedicated to solving any question that affects workplace culture. They shared that they are working with Ms.Union through her representatives to know and hear more about her concerns. After that, they would be able to take whatever step they need to do next.

For Heidi, she did not think that excessive focus was placed on her wardrobe or any of her appearance on the variety show. As for any tension or misunderstanding among the judges, she said that it was just about innocent fun. There will always be some minor fights but it is still fun. For her, she wants to entertain people and give them something good to look forward to. Furthermore, the supermodel expressed how she wanted people to enjoy and have fun for two hours.

Currently, America’s Got Talent: The Champions judging panel is composed of Heidi Klum, Alesha Dixon, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell.


Over the weekend, Paul Telegedy, NBC Entertainment Chairman, attended to Gabrielle’s investigation. At the Winter TCA Tour, he shared that the duration of a brand comes with the receding of whoever comes or goes.  He stated that they are proud of embracing the change and it can also make the show better. He added that they are also happy to embrace the impressions that can make their workplace a better one. Telegedy said that they are still in the middle of a serious investigation that even he never had one before. The investigation is handled by the lawyers.