Here’s a Glimpse at Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn’s Private Romance


Ed Sheeran has put a lot of love and emotion into his music, but there’s one topic he isn’t thinking out loud and that is marriage.

Months following his engagement to Cherry Seaborn in 2017, the singer always brought down the subject like a bad melody.

On the 2018 Brit Awards, Sheeran insisted on not being married, explaining the silver clay band on his left hand which was a betrothal token crafted by Seaborn. On her side, she said that he never saw why men didn’t wear engagement rings because it will still be the same commitment either way.

Time passed and he confirmed the long speculated topic about January 2019 vows. He did it in song, to deliver the message. The song contains a verse of “Remember the Name” on his fourth album, No.6 Collaborations Project. He said the song was actually before his marriage to Cherry and he knew the song would come out when they are already married.

The singer later revealed the date with a simple note in the music video for his song “Put It All On Me.” There was a quick flash of him and the 27-year-old consultant dancing on their feet around the kitchen with other couples flaunting their love around the world.


Sheeran shared that he knew Cherry since he was 11. In 2015, he had six shows around New York City while Cherry was working on Wall Street. They reconnected a bit, enough for her to conquer his heart and mind. He shared that he was texting Cherry about Taylor’s once legendary party and invited Cherry in, and then the rest was history.

By September, both were enjoying their time together in Las Vegas while hanging out with ex-couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. The next year, Sheeran took his hiatus from music while spending his time traveling the world. He shared that it was time to fall in love properly. In fact, it was his girl’s moving back to London that inspired him to take some rest from his love for music. He shared that Cherry quit her job in New York which was really cool and they just basically said to like quit their jobs and form a tight bond together for a year. So, they both went traveling and spent every day of the year together.

The singer revealed that both of them were very strong and he’s never been happier and more comfortable. He’s never been inspired and he feels like everything is just falling in place because he’s given it time.

Sheeran has played the role of an ideal boyfriend over the years, especially when it comes to hockey. Seaborn led the British U21 hockey team which grabbed a bronze medal at the 2012 European Championships. One time, the singer surprised Seaborn’s team when he took the time to watch her hockey game.


Moreover, Sheeran also proved his love for her by composing a hit song “Perfect”.  Furthermore, the star shared that every day he asks Seaborn why she is still with him when she could’ve chosen anyone in the world. He said that being with her makes everything amazing.