Here’s Why Kobe & Vanessa Bryant’s ‘Never Fly’ in Helicopter Together


Kobe and Vanessa Bryant always arrange their plans with their children in mind, and that includes their decision to never fly on a helicopter together. After the helicopter crash in Calabasas that killed the NBA legend and his 13-year-old daughter, a source shared that Kobe and his wife Vanessa always do what’s best for their children. They have four children, Natalia, 17, Gianna, 13, Bianka, 3 and Capri who is 7 months old.

The source says that Kobe and Vanessa made plans not to fly a helicopter together and they considered the best for their children. The source added fear was not the reason why they made the decision rather the couple felt it was best for their children.  The couple is always focused on their family and that was the reason why Kobe started flying in the first place. The NBA star wanted to do his best by being the best dad that he could be. Kobe and her 13-year-old daughter Gianna were two of the nine victims who were killed in the helicopter crash in Calabasas, California on January 26 at around 10 am.

It can be recalled that Bryant shared the reason why he used helicopters as his mode of transportation during his two decades of playing for LA Lakers while his family was in Orange Country, California. The NBA legend said that helicopters make way for him to spend more time with his family by avoiding traffic and time.

The Lakers legend was a proud “girl dad” especially after he retired from basketball last 2016. He said that he was looking forward to more time with his family after his retirement. A close friend of Kobe even shared that he was a very hands-on dad and wanted bright futures for his four daughters. He was also very proud of seeing his girls growing up on their own.

Kobe’s 37-year-old wife shared her first-ever public statement days after the incident by posting an emotional message on Instagram on Wednesday. She shared that she was devastated and hurt over the loss of her adoring husband and their beautiful and sweet daughter Gianna. She also wished that both were here with us forever because they are beautiful blessings taken from them too soon. The mother of four added that she’s not sure what their lives hold in the future and it’s impossible to imagine life without his husband and daughter. She also added that they will continue to push every single day because Kobe and Gianna are shining a light for them.


Vanessa also announced the MambaOnThree Fund which will help the other families affected by the devastating incident.