How Kate Middleton and Prince William Dealt with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Big Announcement


For quite some time now, all eyes have been focusing on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their announcement to split their time between Britain and North America and seeking financial independence while still representing Queen Elizabeth II has turned heads. While the royal family is innocent regarding the announcement, the queen herself didn’t know that the statement would go out on January 8.

After Harry and Meghan gave their statement, the queen summoned a meeting with William and Prince Charles who have long envisioned a more streamlined way of doing royal business as the future monarchy heads.

Ten days after the announcement, the deal was done and Harry and Meghan no longer work as royals. As relayed by a tender-sounding statement from the queen, she explained the terms of her grandson’s decision to have a more private life which doesn’t work that way. Meanwhile, William and Kate were left to attend loads of work as the remaining full-time royals of their generation.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might not be physically weary about loads of work but they are working overtime and jam-packing their schedules to the people.

Kate and William haven’t let a word out in public about the shift they’re going through since they went back to work in 2020 after their holiday break. The couple started their 2020 with tons of work by visiting the Bradford Hall in West Yorkshire on January 15.

That day, William’s remarks revolved on the importance of confronting challenges and doing everything to move forward despite any obstacle that life can offer. He advised that with the shift going on in the royal family, we all need to deal with it and move forward rather than being stuck. William also shared that he and his wife, Kate, were taking note of getting out more often to see more places in the U.K. which they haven’t been to and to understand more complex challenges.

On the other hand, Kate also made numerous stops around Great Britain to meet with teachers, preschool-age children, and care-givers. Early education and childhood development are close to Kate’s heart and its part of a long-term project she’s doing to survey and take a wider view of the quality of life of the nation’s youngest residents. As a mother of three, Kate knows how important is the future health and happiness of children. She also shared that she personally wants to hear the key issues affecting families and communities for her to know where to focus her work on.

The couple honored survivors at a service at Westminster’s Central Hall on U.K. Holocaust Remembrance Day, which marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.


Despite their calm and gentle way to carry all the loads, William and Kate have been partially blamed for harry and Meghan’s ultimate inability to carry scrutiny and attacks on the duchess’ character that was believed to be the cause of them to move across the Atlantic.