Idris Elba Shares Experience with Coronavirus


Idris Elba tested positive for coronavirus and continues to share his experience and keep everybody posted.

After sharing his positive diagnosis, the actor took to social media to answer some questions from his fans. He also shared hopeful updates on his condition.

Elba had an 18-minute video where he revealed his experience. According to him, he didn’t have a fever or cough. However, he has asthma and because of this, doctors warned that he would be at risk for COVID-19.

He said that he generally feels okay. He even joked that catching coronavirus wasn’t on his bucket list but even his asthma is fine.

Many also wondered about his wife, Sabrina Dhowre, and the actor informed fans that she got tested, too and is awaiting results. However, she’s not used to all the public attention he’s getting. He added that his situation is an amazing bonding time for the two of them. He was also asked if he’s worried about the situation spreading worldwide and he shared his opinion on this matter too.

The actor said that he is worried and worried about having the virus as well. He also added that he is worried about having asthma and how it can make things more complicated for him. According to him, he is very proud of Tom Hanks who, like him, is a public figure and told the world they had coronavirus.

In addition, Elba said that he was inspired by Hanks’ move and for the transparency, they both gave to this situation. He is more worried that people don’t talk about it or stigmatize others because of it and also for people to panic.

In line with his situation, Elba is thankful for the love and support from the public upon sharing his test results. He said that love is coming in and will keep everybody updated. He also reminded people to stay optimistic. He added that the virus is ridiculous but it also paves the way for us to stop and think of the energies we’re putting out.


For his final note, Idris Elba said that COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate so it’s important for people to take a moment.