Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Secret to Ageless Beauty


Jennifer Aniston is already 50 years old but one look at her and you’ll think she’s much younger than that. She’s always been known for her flawless skin and when you compare how she looked like 10 years ago with the present; it’s obvious she doesn’t age at all. The Morning Show star actually credits her good genes from her parents but it’s also about maintaining what you already have.

Jennifer Aniston Good Morning Show
Source: Instagram | @jenniferaniston

Aniston, who recently joined Instagram, said she got her good skin from her father, actor John Aniston. However, she reminded herself not to take it for granted and instead maintain it because it has a shelf life. Meanwhile, the actress also shared how obsessed she is with skin health. She claimed using products with probiotics is very beneficial for the skin.

According to her, the whole process is fascinating. The body’s nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD starts to decrease as people age. As a result, the body starts to break down and eventually turns off those genes and you’ll notice the signs of aging.

Aside from using these probiotics skincare products, she shared that facials can do wonders, too. She said she changed up her facialist. She added that it’s just like exercise and it’s good to mix up.


Moreover, Aniston shared that having an effective daily moisturizer is also vital. In her case, she had been using Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion for a long time. She said that it was exactly the lotion that her late mom, Nancy Dow, bought when she still little and she had been using it on her body ever since. She confessed that even when she started living by herself, she always has a bottle in her bathrooms and even in the car. She suggested applying the lotion immediately after you shower.

The Friends alum also warned against crash diets. Instead, you have to treat your body well. When you eat sugar and bad food, your body and energy levels can tell you its effects. Eating is a way of life and you don’t need to deprive yourself of food at all.

Jennifer Aniston also added that working out, meditation and digit detox can also do wonders for your body.

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