Jennifer Aniston is Now on Instagram with her Friends


Jennifer Aniston, was not on Instagram up until yesterday, believe it or not. The social media-shy actress broke the internet after she joined Instagram this Tuesday and already gained more than 7 million followers.

Jennifer Aniston is Now on Instagram with her Friends
Source: Instagram | @jenniferaniston

In addition, the entire cast of Friends joined Rachel (character Jennifer Aniston played in the popular TV series) for her very first post on the social media network. The first post has already gained more than 9 million likes and that number continues to grow.

Aniston captioned the picture “And now we’re Instagram ‘FRIENDS’ too. HI INSTAGRAM“. Well, we guess in the modern world, that’s what it means to be real friends anyways.


The actress’ bio on Instagram reads “My friends call me Jen“, which is yet another word play on the popular TV show.

Jennifer Aniston received a very warm welcome from all of her fans on Instagram. Followers from all over the world are writing welcome comments to the star, greeting her on the platform.

In addition, her celebrity friends also wrote words of welcome under her post. Lisa Kudrow, who co-starred with Jennifer Aniston in Friends wrote “Woo hoo! WOOooooOOO!!“.

Reese Witherspoon greets Jennifer Aniston on her joining Instagram
Source: Instagram | @reesewitherspoon

Reese Witherspoon, who is co-starring with Aniston in the new Apple TV+ TV series The Morning Show posted a picture with the star and captioned it “How’s that for some morning news?! @jenniferaniston has joined the @instagram world and now I can finally tag her in FRIENDS memes! Welcome Jen!“.

Jennifer’s long-time friend and co-star who played Monica in Friends Courtney Cox also posted a picture with Aniston and wrote “Hi Jen! Welcome to the social media world…it sucks. You’re gonna love it!.

Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends was also known for being a fashion star. And to commemorate the 25 years of the TV show, Ralph Lauren released a special Friends collection. Interesting, how many of them were wearing Ralph Lauren in that photo.