Jennifer Aniston Says 2019 Taught Her How Much She’s Capable Of


Following her record-breaking summer Netflix comedy Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler, the 50-year-old actress makes a stylish comeback to series television on The Morning Show on Apple TV+ by crashing the Instagram servers.

In an interview with People, she spoke about how 2019 has taught her exactly how much she is capable of. Aniston is featured along with three other cover stars as People of the Year.

Jennifer Aniston
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The Morning Show features Aniston as a host who is swept into the #MeToo movement. The actress has expressed her excitement over the reactions and appreciation that the show has received from its fans. Aniston is also a co-producer of the drama.

Being involved in Apple’s new streaming service has been terrifying yet rewarding for the actress. The actress spoke about how she felt about the show’s touchy and taboo themes and how important it is to discuss these themes in the modern conversation.

Aniston works with close friend Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Show. Aniston speaks highly of Witherspoon’s acting. The two had a sort of unspoken language and had excellent chemistry with each other.

While the star of Friends is more famous for her role in front of the camera, she has also enjoyed her time behind the scenes as a producer. The role required her to multi-task creatively and serve as a leader. She has found her role as a producer fulfilling.

Aniston mentioned in the interview that she started to believe in herself in her 20s. Her honesty with herself in her relationship with her family and the strength to speak her mind without fear reflected in her work. When she started working on Friends, some of her family members expressed some negative thoughts, believing that Aniston won’t make any money from it. The show has made her a household name and has even inspired a hairstyle named after her character.


While many have asked for a cast reunion, Aniston says she knows nothing and said multiple times that they’re trying.

While she doesn’t usually make a list of New Year’s resolutions, she admits that she’s looking forward to 2020 and the future.